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Who we are

Cyberwolf Software is a software solutions company that focuses on producing software that is highly reliable and models the business problem in an intuitive user-centered way.

  Customer Experience

Cyberwolf Software has 20+ years working directly with customers in a variety of industries (Chemical, Education, Agricultural, Logistics, Behavior) to provide the solutions they need to enhance their productivity.


Cyberwolf Software has designed front-ends, back-ends, user interfaces and full applications in a range of languages and technologies.   Our primary expertise is in the Microsoft and Web Development stacks: C#, Web API, SQL Server, jQuery, Angular, and Bootstrap

  Agile Design

Cyberwolf Software uses Agile Design principles to deliver incremental solutions to our customers that provide immediate business impact.   Our Agile Model is growing a solution.

  High Quality Code

The Cyberwolf Software goal is software that requires zero maintenance.   Our customer solutions grow; however, existing deliverables should be highly reliable so that capital is spent on further business productivity not supporting existing deliverables.

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SaaS Solutions

Cyberwolf Software has a variety of Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions to help clients become more productive and efficient.


Web-based Ad Hoc Query Tool

Hunter is a web app that allows user to build database queries using a drag and drop interface.   No knowledge of SQL is required to user Hunter effectively. Hunter can be configured against any relational database: SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft Access, IBM DB2, etc.

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Behavior Progress System

Wolfpack is designed to add operational productivity to the behavior services industry.   Wolfpack focuses on the collection of behavior progress notes, management of services, clinicians and individuals.   Features such as session tracking, dashboarding and billing all come together to allow small behavior service companies to focus on direct servicing to individuals instead of administration.

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Operations Photo Management

Mobile / Web API / Web App

OPM is a recent SaaS offering designed for one of our favorite customers.   OPM allows a user to upload photos using a mobile app.   In this case, the photos uploaded are instrumental in our customer's operations.   The photos are then reviewed and approved for customer viewing using a web app. A customer can view the photos related to their order either using the web app or a mobile app.

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Labor Order System

Web App

LOS is a replacement SaaS offering for a customer that used a Cyberwolf Software custom solution for more than 12 years.   The solution allows our customer to manage the logistics of providing labor in the trade show industry.   Specific roles are designed into LOS to provide specific dashboards and features based upon job function.

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Latest Blog Posts

Botting Auto-Notifications

These days customers want more than individual interactions with applications. They want applications to do more of the work - "automatically". "Automatically" is the word our customers use when they want an application to do more of the heavy lifting.

Installing the Hunter Excel Add-In in Excel 2016

Some customers have seen issues with the Hunter for (...) Excel Add-In disappearing from Excel. This behavior started with Excel 2016 and is related to changes in Excel Security implemented by Microsoft. The following blog post and accompanying video show how to resolve this issue.

Some of Our Technology Experience

Full Stack Development
Backend / Web / Mobile / LIMS