SaaS / Progressive Web App / Behavior Services System

  • Client: Advanced Behavior Treatment
  • What we did: Behavior Services Progressive Web App


Project Goals

  • Capture and Store Progress Notes
  • Implement other Operational Functionality (Invoicing, Payables, Tracking and Defaults)
  • Scalable without adding additional Administrative Overhead
  • Automate Invoicing Process to State

Our Solution

This business is a very niche business that had a great need in custom automation. Working closely with Advanced Behavior Treatment, Cyberwolf Software developed a SaaS progressive web app and backend relational database. The app named Wolfpack allows Advanced Behavior Treatment to integrate clinicians to serve individuals in a scalable, efficient way. Individual defaults are integrated into application so the clinician can focus on serving the individual and not get hung up on "filling out forms". From a management perspective, Advanced Behavior Treatment has a full view of the current status of their operations including views into individuals that might not be getting the services they need. Recently, the application has been expanded to include functionality that streamlines the process for invoicing the State for services rendered.


The results have been impressive. Advanced Behavior Treatment has been able to grow exponentially directly impacting their bottom line. The Custom SaaS deliverable matches their workflow so well that they have been able to ramp up services without adding administrators. The recently added functionality has drastically reduced a major time bottleneck in their business process and will allow them to smooth out their accounts receivable (for example, ABT will be able to transition to daily invoicing instead of the current weekly invoicing if they find that necessary). All of these results were achieved without the need for ABT to outlay any capital for an "I.T. Development Project". They were able to work closely with Cyberwolf Software to create a scalable custom solution at a very reasonable operational expense.

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