Project Request System

SaaS / Web App / LIMS

  • Clients: Chemours / DuPont
  • What we did: R&D Project Request LIMS


The Project Request System grew from the Analytical Request System. The central lab needed a way to track use of their resources and time used by their internal customers for items such as - test method development, subject matter expertise. This went beyond just samples but to tasks and time.

Project Goals

  • Handle requests for subject matter resources
  • Track tasks, time, samples, etc. for requests
  • Time-based turn around dashboard for project requests
  • Requestor can monitor all of their open project requests and examine any request in depth
  • Project deliverables could be text, numbers, or documents - spreadsheets, charts, PDFs, etc.

Our Solution

Cyberwolf Software created a web-based SaaS solution for the customer. We started with the Analytical Request System solution and then extended to track task and time resources. The resulting SaaS solution provided the lab with the ability to track and subsequently bill for all of the ad-hoc resource usages consumed by their internal customers.


With more than 150 users making requests, the central lab now has excellent visibility of resource use and billing. The solution allows the lab the flexibility of an additional non-sample based resource model. In fact, the main driver for the solution was the idea of a resource-based in addition to a sample-based business model.

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