Thoughts from the Cyberwolf den

Working with the Deputy API

A customer requested that we try to match up Wolpack Behavior Service Notes with time sheets in the online product Deputy. Deputy has an API to help us do this. This post provides some guidance when using the QUERY post in the Deputy API to insure that you get the correct data.

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Installing the Hunter Excel Add-In in Excel 2016

Some customers have seen issues with the Hunter for (...) Excel Add-In disappearing from Excel. This behavior started with Excel 2016 and is related to changes in Excel Security implemented by Microsoft. The following blog post and accompanying video show how to resolve this issue.

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Botting Auto-Notifications

These days customers want more than individual interactions with applications. They want applications to do more of the work - "automatically". "Automatically" is the word our customers use when they want an application to do more of the heavy lifting. Sometimes I translate this as -- "I don't even want to click a button can't the application just tell me what is going on?"...

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