Analytical Request System

SaaS / Web App / LIMS

  • Clients: Chemours / DuPont
  • What we did: Ad-hoc Analytical Request LIMS


Chemours needed an ad-hoc LIMS application. Most LIMS applications have a large up-front investment in configuring sample, test methods and properties before any samples can be taken. The question posed was - "Could you design a system for ad-hoc samples that come into the lab where the number and testing was unknown before hand? And, can you make it easy for the chemist to enter and monitor the request?"

Project Goals

  • Handle unknown number of samples
  • Test methods available to the requestor are known but analyses to run on a particular sample are not
  • Time-based turn around dashboard to indicate contractual obligations
  • Requestor can monitor all of their open sample requests and examine any request in depth
  • Results supplied back to requestor could be text, numbers, or documents - spreadsheets, charts, PDFs, etc.

Our Solution

Cyberwolf Software created a web-based SaaS solution for the customer. The solution focused on the ad-hoc samples work process and steps the user through entering a request correctly. Once the user gains experience on creating requests, they can save templates of requests that match their R&D lab processes. A few key roles and security levels were provided to allow specific role-based views into the application and data.


The SaaS solution has been in use now for more than 5 years. There are more than 100 users that routinely work with the application to create and process requests. The solution has worked so well for its purpose that only one revision has been deployed that added a single page of new features.

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