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In addition to Website design and developments services, Cyberwolf Software provides hosting services.  We provide website, SmarterMail (email hosting) and application hosting services in conjunction with our local service partner -  Our dedicated servers are located in the datacenter.

The datacenter has the following key features:

  • High level physical and virtual security
  • N+1 fully redundant power and HVAC
  • Multiple diesel generators tested weekly
  • Redundant core routing
  • FM-200 gas fire suppression
  • Multiple Tier 1 fiber providers
  • Physically diverse fiber conduits

The network topology has the following features:

  • Multiple long haul Gigabit Ethernet providers
  • Multi-homed, diverse fiber connections
  • Cisco 6500 border routing
  • Cisco 6500 core switching
  • Cisco 2960 dual GigaBit fed leaf switching


If you are interested in our Email Hosting Services, please review our email use policies: