Hunter Web Client for Sample Manager

Hunter Query Builder for Sample Manager

The Hunter Web Client for Sample Manager is a specific set of Hunter applications built specifically for the Sample Manager database by Thermo Fisher.  It provides all of the end user features you've come to expect with Hunter and an additional set of features for LIMS users.

What is delivered with the Hunter Client for Sample Manager?

  1. Two standard Hunter Applications: Sample Manager Current Sample Data and Sample Manager All Sample Data.  The All Sample Data application actually pulls data from current sample tables and archive sample tables in a single query.
  2. An Excel Addin that:
    •  Pivots Data (1 row per sample, components and MLP limit as columns) 
    • Calculates Statistics (Count, Average, Min, Max, Sigma, MSSD, etc.)
    • Charts Components 
  3. Support for Data Level Security.  Users connecting can be controlled by User record or the Groups a user is assigned to.
  4. Template Queries that help users get up to speed quickly


• Drag & drop user interface • Save queries for re-use
• Share queries with other users • Runs in web browser. No client installation required.
• Ask User Criteria. Prompts user to change a particular criteria object when query is run. • Supports full web security (SSL, Windows Authentication, etc.)
• Send data to different destinations including: Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Web, CSV, Tabbed Text, XML • Date String criteria objects calculate query dates upon run. Date strings include: Today, Yesterday, Last Month, Last Year, Last 30 Days, etc.
• Works with the Oracle version of Sample Manager and supports Date/Time criteria. • Criteria prompting supports datatype recognition in order to make it easy for end users to set criteria
• Required Criteria. In Sample Manager Sample a user must set criteria on the Id Numeric and/or Sample Log Date, Sampled Date.  This prevents an end user from running a "bad query". • Criteria Lookup. Configured on certain objects to allow the user to perform a lookup prior to setting criteria. Used for Sample Templates, Test Schedules, Components, Methods, etc.