Hunter Lite for BlazeLIMS

Hunter Lite for BlazeLIMS is a tailored version of components for BlazeLIMS by Blaze Systems. BlazeLIMS is a fully functional LIMS system with data that can be stored either in a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database. Cyberwolf Software's Hunter Lite offering works with either database.

Features of the system include:

  • Quick Sample Search - quick searching by Sample Type, Log Template or Area
  • Advanced Sample Search - an advanced sample search that includes searching on methods, test types, aux fields, etc. This search also includes the ability to have an Auto Refresh monitor. For example, if I am a chemist and I want to see when a sample gets logged in that requires a specific method, I can set up a monitor for that.
  • Results Summary - provides the ability to export a data pivoted by Sample Log Num to either Excel or Word. Data columns can include the In Spec indicator and Test Type limits.
  • Results Charting - similar to the results summary with the exception that this feature uses the pivoted data to generate charts.
  • Configuration Reporting - this is a specialized report that yields all of the main configuration for any Sample Type or Log Template. This report is key for documenting a lab's LIMS configuration for ISO 900x requirements.
  • Link Reporting - these are mini-reports that provide the user with information on where a particular data point is used. For example, I might want to know where the Test Type = Water ppm is used in the system. This is of particular help to an administrator who needs to know the affect of making a change.