Blaze Systems and Cyberwolf Software Announce Strategic Partnership

Posted: 1/14/2011

Blaze Systems and Cyberwolf Software announce strategic partnership. Partnership to include marketing of Hunter Web Client for BlazeLIMS with exclusive sales distribution.

Newark, Delaware, January 14, 2011 – Today Blaze Systems and Cyberwolf Software announced a strategic partnership designed to mutually benefit both companies by providing cloud-based data retrieval technology to BlazeLIMS customers.  The agreement provides exclusive sales distribution of Cyberwolf Software’s product Hunter Web Client for BlazeLIMS to Blaze Systems.

The Hunter Web Client for BlazeLIMS is a web-based, drag and drop data query tool that allows end users with a simple interface to retrieve BlazeLIMS data.  Additional features have been added to allow customers to pivot Sample data (1 row per sample) and perform Charting.

To watch an 8 1/2 minute video on the Hunter Client for BlazeLIMS, click here.

“Information is the end product of every lab.” said Larry DeHeer, president, Blaze Systems.  “And every LIMS database is a potential gold mine of decision support information for business improvement.  Too many labs are still islands of information with a static set of information deliverables and limited access by a few trained users.  Hunter is a proven solution that bridges the gap between that information and a large, widely distributed and untrained body of potential users with unpredictable and ever changing information needs.  Hunter can transform the lab into a valuable resource for business improvement, and we are delighted to make it available to our LIMS customers.”

 “We are excited for the opportunity to bring Hunter technology to the BlazeLIMS community,”  said Dennis DeBevec, president, Cyberwolf Software.  “Having worked with BlazeLIMS for many years we have found that Blaze Systems delivers a LIMS product that provides superior business rule implementation, functionality and flexibility.  Working together, we can provide a leading edge business intelligence tool to an impressive LIMS transactional system.”

Blaze Systems and Cyberwolf Software will begin to roll out the initiatives outlined in the agreement throughout the first quarter of 2011.  This will include an initial testing phase that will take place over the next month, with a plan to provide full implementation in 2011.

About Blaze Systems

Blaze Systems is a leading supplier of total LIMS (Laboratory Information Management System) solutions which improve performance and business effectiveness across a wide variety of laboratory functions and industries. Blaze Systems offers a complete, comprehensive and cost effective suite of products and services to enhance your enterprise performance at the lowest total cost of ownership and the highest lifetime benefits.

About Cyberwolf Software

Cyberwolf Software, Inc. provides technology based services and solutions.   In business since 1996, we have provided small, medium and Fortune 500 companies with a variety of customized solutions.  Each solution focuses on providing a quality solution at a competitive price.  Our specialty lies in the ability to build solutions from the perspective of both managers and users.  Resulting applications provide both business value, ease of use and require minimal on-going support.  In fact, many of our customers have used our applications for more than a decade.

Author: DJ DeBevec

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