Hunter Web Client Released to Production

Posted: 12/15/2010

Hunter Web Client released to production. The Hunter Web client is a cloud-based business intelligence tool.

Cyberwolf Software announces the release of the Hunter Web Client to production.  The Hunter Web Client is a replacement to Cyberwolf Software's flagship product Hunter Client for Windows.

 “The transition of our popular Hunter Client tool to the Cloud is a very important step in Cyberwolf Software's future,” said Dennis DeBevec, president, Cyberwolf Software. “A business intelligence tool that can run against production databases without the need for warehousing and can support the virtual environment is a large productivity benefit to our customers."

The Hunter Web Client includes all of the features that our Hunter Client for Windows users have come to expect:

  1. A drag and drop user interface that is simple to learn and use
  2. Protects the end user from the technical details of the database
  3. Allows quick data retrieval to tools users' are familiar with (Microsoft Excel, Word, Web)
  4. Allows the user to save queries for reuse

In addition, the Hunter Web Client addresses these additional needs:

  1. No client installation necessary.  Rollouts are via web address.
  2. Single point of management and security for I.T. Management
  3. Flexible security model - web-based, role-based, user-based and/or data-based
  4. Users can share queries with other users
  5. Extendable functionality - output to label formats, data pivoting, charting, etc.

Learn more here

Author: DJ DeBevec

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