Hunter for BlazeLIMS Videos

Hunter for BlazeLIMS

Video Time (min:sec) Description
Quick Tour 7:04 This video takes the viewer on a quick tour of the key features of the Hunter for BlazeLIMS web application.
User Interface 2:04 This video introduces the viewer to the Hunter Builder user interface. It explains why end users love the Hunter user interface.
Pivoting & Charting Data 3:18 This video introduces the viewer to the Excel Addin for Hunter for BlazeLIMS. The Excel Addin allows an end user to pivot sample data (1 row per sample), calculate statistics and chart data.
Save Queries 1:17 This video shows the user how to save queries for re-use.
Share Queries 2:43 This video shows the user how to take one of their queries and share it with another Hunter user. The Share function actually creates a copy of the query for the other user.
Sending Results to Different Destinations 1:46 This video shows the user how easy it is to send query results to different destinations (Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Web).
So you want results from Last Month 2:22 This video introduces the viewer to the Date String object. The Date String object allows a user to set criteria on a date string (e.g. Today, Yesterday, Last Month, etc.) The date range is determined when the query is run.
Prompting Users to Change Criteria at Run Time 1:53 This video shows the user how to set criteria that will then prompt the user to change when a query is run.
Getting Help on Criteria 1:37 This video introduces the viewer to the Lookup feature when setting Criteria. Some Objects allow a user to perform a pre-query or lookup to determine the correct format of values. In BlazeLIMS this feature is available for Sample Type Names, Log Template Names, Test Type Names, etc.
Different Hunter Applications 3:08 This video introduces the viewer to the concept of a Hunter Application. A Hunter Application defines all or part of a database to an end user. For BlazeLIMS, up to 4 Hunter Applications are delivered: BlazeLIMS Sample Info, BlazeLIMS Sample Type Configuration Info, BlazeLIMS Log Template Configuration Info, and BlazeLIMS Lot Release Info. It also shows that Hunter can be used and configured for more than BlazeLIMS.
Why is Query Name Yellow? 1:24 This video explains why the background on the query name textbox becomes yellow and what the user should do about it.

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