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New Web Link feature in Hunter Client

Almost all of the best ideas for improving software come from the users not the developers.  In this case, I'd like to thank Don Minot (Eagle Management Group) for proposing this new feature for the Hunter Client.


During my last on-site visit to Eagle Management Group, I took some time to speak with Don about Hunter.  He said, "You know what would be great?  If my Hunter report had links in it, so that I could click on an Order and it would bring up that order or click on a leadman request and have that information come right up.  Right now, I get the information but I have to copy/paste between my Hunter report and WebLOS" (an internal web application developed by Cyberwolf Software).


On my drive back to the office, I thought about Don's idea and how it could be implemented in Hunter.  It turned out that the implementation was easier than I thought!


The new feature in the Hunter Client allows for the definition of a hyperlink data type in the data dictionary.  This data type outputs a clickable link that interfaces with a web application.  For Eagle Management, the web application is WebLOS.  For DuPont, the web application is Hunter Web for BlazeLIMS or Hunter Web for Sample Manager.


Shown below is the Hunter Client Query Builder with a column defined in the query called "LMR Web Link"

Hunter Clien Query Builder with web link column


The following two screen shots show the query output to both Excel and as a Web page (HTML):

Web Link query output shown in Excel   Web link output shown in a web page (HTML)

In the screen shots, it's clear that there is a clickable hyperlink that is part of the report no matter the Send To destination of the query.  The result of a user clicking one of the LMR Web Link(s) is shown below:

Clicking on a web link to bring up additional detail


So what's the big deal?


Consider if you had to jump back and forth between a summary report and detail....perhaps 50 times a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year.  In that scenario a small thing is now a BIG thing!!!


Sometimes an item like this gets by us geeks.  You see this alot in large, complicated off-the-shelf systems.  Instead of making a workflow step a 2-step process, it's a 5-step process....most people would say "Big deal.  It's just 3 more steps."  Very true...but what if you had to do that 5-step process a hundred times a day....or better yet...what if 10 people had to perform that 5-step process a hundred times a day?  At what point does the change become value adding?  And....if the I.T. Department only looks at things from a corporate level....would anyone even see the inefficiency?


The web link feature is available to any Hunter Client application that needs to cross-reference between query data and web-based applications (whether or not the web application was constructed by Cyberwolf Software).